Our Passion

Handcraft a piece of art that one can wear, something incredible, created by a furrier who's been in the business long enough to work with the statuesque women who came before you.


  • Custom Designs
  • Restyling
  • Repairs
  • Alterations
  • Restoration
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Vault
  • Cleaning
  • Glazing
  • Conditioning
  • Appraisials
  • Leather Services

Meet our Furrier

Gerardo Zavala, the owner and furrier of Elegant Furs, has a passion for making you feel like a woman should with his intricately crafted designs. Once you've entered his studio, expect to receive individualized attention and nothing less. He prides himself on turning older furs that have gone out of style, into modern, sleek works of art. 

With Elegant Furs, you'll be reminded of a time when women ordered Gimlets instead of Manhattans, when they knew how to dress up a night and chivalry was far from dead.

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