About Us

With age, Gerardo honed his craft and soon became the protégé of renowned Furrier, Michael Mouratidis. It was after Mouratidis passed away that Gerardo decided it was time he started his own studio. Thus, Elegant Furs was born in 2005, and has been producing high-quality, unique furs, ever since.

It’s clear to see how proud Gerardo is of his unique business. His face lights up when he speaks about his craft, and by becoming a client, you become his friend as well.

Stop by his studio or give Elegant Furs a call and meet the humble man, responsible for creating a business that holds true to tradition and quality.

Gerardo Zavala

Understanding the true meaning of class and elegance is part of what makes a good furrier, great. This is one of the many qualities Gerardo Zavala possesses, and he's not lacking in chivalry either. His knowledge, experience and over-all eye for design began early on as a young boy, working in the fur industry.

Slip into something elegant, something classy, a work of art handcrafted by a professional who has generations of experience. He has had the pleasure of adorning countless statuesque woman over the years. Gerardo Zavala, the owner and Furrier of Elegant Furs has a passion for making you feel like a woman should with his intricately crafted designs. Once you enter his studio, expect to receive individualized attention and nothing less. He prides himself on turning older furs that have gone out of style, into modern, sleek, works of art. With Elegant Furs, you'll be reminded of a time when women ordered Gimlets instead of Manhattans, when they knew how to dress up a night and chivalry was far from dead.

Our mission is to transport our customers back to a time when elegance meant handcrafted, and service meant doing whatever it takes to achieve full customer satisfaction.